NEWSLETTER Palazzo Petrucci Restaurant (The kitchen) | Napoli


The kitchen is wide open to be seen, so that people can see the commitment and passion of our chef, reflected in every dish.
Lino Scarallo, Palazzo Petrucci's chef since 2007, will introduce you to a world of sensations and emotions where your five senses become notes of the same tune, words of the same poem.
You will enjoy the taste and smell of the food and look out to the horizon, listening to the sound of the sea: a unique experience that has to be experienced to be understood.
The old-faithfuls include lasagna with buffalo mozzarella and marinated prawns, paccheri (tube pasta) filled with ricotta cheese and meat sauce, and creamy stratificazione di pastiera dessert.
With Lino you are always in good hands, the best choice is often to trust the Chef who can delight you with off-menu dishes: "whatever you say, Lino".

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